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Achieve success with the right mindset

08.05.20 | Shop Talk looks at 4 mindsets that we should all employ to aid in achieving success. As with many things, attitude is key. But first, Caught My Eye looks at an artist’s version of pandemic Barbie dolls and Trader Joe’s backtracks on earlier news that it would change the names of Trader Jose’s and Trader Ming’s. A spokesperson says that the company would not change any product names based on a petition and the names were “fun and showed appreciation for other cultures.” The father of the Multiplex Theater, Stanley Durwood, is our Business Birthday.

TFG Unbuttoned: Hello Dolly

08.11.20 | Hasbro pulls a Troll doll from the shelves due to an unfortunately placed button. How do these things get to the production stage? Then, Halloween candy sales are expected to slump, and chickens become the newest pandemic pet. Dolls, candy, and chickens. How can you resist?


TFG Unbuttoned: Another LGBTQ boycott

08.04.20 | Conservative Christians are going to have a tough time shopping as they have added Hallmark gift wrap, cards, and ornaments to their boycott list. They are upset about same-sex relationships in some Hallmark Channel storylines. Steve Jobs exhibits emotional intelligence and there is a study that shows car service app drivers will exhibit a bias toward LGBTQ customers. Overall the study showed that drivers were 3 times more likely to cancel rides once they found out the pick-up was LGBTQ based on user profiles.

Make It Work

07.29.20 | Tim Gunn of Project Runway fame is our Business Birthday this week. Also, stoop finds and drive-thru strip clubs Caught Our Eye. Shop Talk explores 5 steps that will help improve your memory—whether someone’s birthday, name, or counting cards at the casino—it’s all about practice.

TFG Unbuttoned: Play Ball

07.28.20 | The Dollar Shave Club is offering a $25,000 prize for the man who can best describe the importance of his balls. Tim and John are going to give it a shot. Find the rules on our Facebook Page #FocusGroupRadio. Also, people under 30 are more agnostic in their remote work apps to get things done, and Netflix stops production of a Turkish series due to pressure from Turkey’s government because there was a gay character as part of the story.