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Memorable class clowns in high school.
Revolutionary LGBT marketing and advertising executives.

Meet Tim Bennett and John Nash, co-hosts of The Focus Group, their weekly broadcast that invites you to share in a friendship spanning 30 plus years, while serving up the savvy side of nine to five. Together Tim and John bring to life the show’s motto of Listen, Laugh and Learn with entertaining banter and unique voices.


Business Unusual

03.25.20 | The Focus Group soldiers on to bring you new content each week. Tell the other shut-ins, spread the word—not the virus! Sex toy sales explode during global home containment due to the coronavirus and NASA whacks a Mars probe to get it to work. Domino’s Pizza Founder, Tom Monaghan, is our Business Birthday. A one-of-a-kind ventriloquist museum is our Shop Talk and on our list of museums to visit.

TFG Unbuttoned: New York City fostering a record number of dogs and cats

03.31.20 | To combat loneliness and have an extra heartbeat in the room, NYC residents are fostering a record number of pets from shelters in the city. But first, a public school requires bible sermons before sports play and Liberty University in VA defies common sense and reopens to students and faculty because Pres. Trump will handle things like “a CEO, not a politician.”


TFG Unbuttoned: Abercrombie, Google, and typing class

03.24.20 | Abercrombie adds a plus-size male to its model roster, Google helps track a robbery suspect, and some educators now think typing class may be one of the most important courses we took in school. Thanks to Critic’s Choice Video for sponsoring Unbuttoned since our start. We also welcome Magic Spoon to the program. It’s cereal for adults that want great taste, protein, and few carbs! Go to magicspoon/FOCUS for a special offer.

The Focus Group shelters in place

03.18.20 | Following the best advice from the experts, Tim and John did this week’s show from their respective homes. We are Americans, we are strong, and we will get through this. On the show today we welcome a new partner: Blinkist.com/FOCUS—check them out for a free 7-day trial and 25% off a subscription. Lillian Vernon, of the catalog fame, is our Business Birthday. Stay well.

TFG Unbuttoned: Business as usual despite Corona Virus

03.17.20 | A NYC cannabis delivery service reports, that despite social distancing, people still want to smoke. The ubiquitous NYC underground weed delivery services equate our current crisis to that of a major storm where people are confined in-house for a period of time and want to partake in some recreational weed. Oh, the humanity. Then, transparency and communication are important to avoid financial infidelity in relationships, and procrastination is a challenge we all have to manage.