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One trait can lead to success

01.22.20 | The Space Force has a camo uniform, we tend to be most miserable at 47.2 years of age, and Sam Popeil of Veg-O-Matic fame has a Business Birthday. Shop Talk looks at one trait that tends to be an indicator of success, and we welcome FIVERR as a new sponsor.

TFG Unbuttoned: Gritty assaults young fan…allegedly

01.28.20 | In a game of he said, Gritty said, The Philadelphia Flyers googly-eyed Cousin It looking orange mascot is accused of assaulting a 13-year-old fan after said fan was tapping on Gritty’s head. Lots of accusations and no proof. But first, The HRC 2020 Corporate Equality Index is released and Harry Hamlin claims his role as a gay man in the 1982 motion picture “Making Love” excluded him from working on pictures ever again. We agree with Hamlin that the movie was way before its time and Hollywood still has a level of homophobia.


TFG Unbuttoned: Cher has a bone to pick with Wendy Williams

01.21.20 | Wendy Williams made fun of having a cleft lip, and now Cher wants her fired from TV. Then, a state senator in Arizona wants to ban the word homosexuality and not teach sex education in public school below the 7th grade. Tennessee soon joins 9 other states in limiting, or banning, LGBTQ people from adopting children. Finally, the Trump Admin wants to roll back the healthy lunch guidelines advocated by First Lady Michelle Obama.

Steve Jobs invites you to ask yourself the toughest question

01.15.20 | Sloped toilets get workers back on the job in the UK, and a list of things people put in their bodies in 2019—and that’s just Caught Your Eye! Pierre du Pont is our Business Birthday and the Boys in the Booth promise to wear the International Male Step-In Onesie in an upcoming show—stay tuned. Steve Jobs logic is revisited in Shop Talk and makes us all think.

TFG Unbuttoned: Chinese ad featuring gay couple wins widespread praise

01.14.20 | A new advert from the Chinese e-commerce website Tmall that includes a same-sex couple, has won widespread praise and been hailed as a small but significant win for China’s LGBT community. Google Maps Street View has an unexpected and positive affect on some families, and Batman actor, Burt Ward, was told to tone down the bulge.